Introducing Herbatint Hair Color – The Safe Way to Glamorous Hair!

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Confirmed by Independent Consumer Testing: 60 Million Consumers, France’s leading consumer testing organization, tested 18 hair colors (15 drugstore brands and 3 naturals brands) sold in the USA and Europe.  
Only Herbatint ranked acceptable for safety!
In addition it stood out among the other brands tested for its natural look.
Herbatint is the only colorant that enriches hair colors with natural herbs. That’s why Herbatint gives your hair a more natural and youthful look
as opposed to that “block color look” you can get using synthetic colors.

You deserve a safe product that will not damage your hair
No more ammonia
No more smell
No more perfume
No more alcohol
No more parabens
Less peroxide with a natural result
100% grey cover

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