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When it comes to prescription medication the amount you will pay at the counter is not always clear. The issue is further complicated by a few persistent myths about pharmacies and prescriptions.


FALSE: Prescription Medication is less expensive at big national chain stores.

It’s logical to think that chain stores like Duane Reade or CVS are always cheaper then independent stores because of the volume that they sell. However this isn’t the case. In most chain stores, regional offices set the price of drugs with policies regarding exactly how much profit must be turned from each prescription medication. Small independently operated stores have more flexibility in their pricing which leads to lower prices in many cases.

For example, Atorvastatin 10 mg, a popular Lipitor generic, was listed at $114.99 for 30 pills at a New York chain. Our store currently carries the same amount for $24.95. At that same pharmacy, 60 Bupropion 150 mg, a popular wellbutrin generic, were priced at $116.33. Our store sells the same amount for $29.95.


FALSE: Chain stores can get medication faster when they are out of stock.

You would think that with many stores in a small geographic area that chain stores would be able to get medication faster. However this is not true. A small pharmacy has daily deliveries from upwards of 3 different suppliers whereas a large chain store only gets deliveries from a central warehouse every 2 to 3 days. Because independent stores have more frequent deliveries we are able to get you your medication faster.


FALSE: Insurance cards bearing a company logo can only be used at that company’s stores.

Just because the card you are carrying say the name of a particular drug store does not mean that you can only use that card there. Any small pharmacy will take you insurance regardless of the company logo. Don’t let that logo mislead you, you’re still free to choose any pharmacy you like.

The Freedom to Choose Your Own Pharmacy Posted on 16 Sep 16:00 , 5 comments

In late 2011, Governor Cuomo signed the Anti-Mandatory Mail Order Law. This law guarantees patient choice of pharmacies by instituting a ban on insurers or employers forcing patients to use mail order pharmacies. Instead of being forced to wait for medication to be delivered, patients can choose to get their prescriptions filled at their pharmacy of choice without any penalties. This law applies to all prescription plans except for those plans negotiated by unions.

Besides providing consumers with a choice of where to procure their medicine, the AMMO Law also enables local pharmacies to compete with mail order companies. Patients no longer need to worry about their medication being lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong address, stolen, or improperly handled. Instead patients choosing local pharmacies will always have a pharmacist one-phone call or a few blocks away ready to handle any problem that arises.

If you need any additional information on how to deal with your insurance company on canceling you mandatory mail order please call us at 212-517-0037. We will be happy to help.

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