Compounding services

Our innovative scientific solutions embrace a host of medical and quality of life issues, such as anti-aging and integrative medicine; pain management; holistic health; dermatology, and health wellness.

  • ENT

Nasal sprays, throat lozenges, antibiotic/antifungal preparations for Sheehy-House insufflator.

  • Women's Health

Bio-identical hormone replacement preparations (Biest losenges, oral drops, capsules, etc.)

Anti-aging dermatological skin care.

  • Men's Health

Hormone replacement topical preparations, etc.

    • Pediatric

    • Podiatry

    • Pain Management

    • Sports Medicine

      Our prescriptions are synthesized in secure environments and tailored for each individual patient across a spectrum of medical treatment areas.

      For more information about our specific practice areas, please contact us directly by  phone (212)-517-0037; fax (212)517-0039 or email