Raspberry Herbal

$ 9.99

This tisane is a mixture of rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaves and natural and artificial raspberry flavors. It is a great tasting, great looking herbal.
Raspberries are very popular. People love the look and taste of this fruit. We looked to recreate those beloved flavors in a caffeine-free brew of dried fruits and flavors.
Dry Leaves Very colorful, finely cut pieces of red hibiscus & rosehips, and green raspberry leaves.
Liquor A wonderfully deep burgundy red.
Aroma A strong fruity aroma that is reminiscent of fresh raspberries.
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Body This caffeine-free herbal is medium-light in body.
Flavors Very flavorful, this herbal has the fruity taste of raspberry and the tang of citrus.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F