Ginger & Honey - Villakuyaya Chocolate

$ 6.00

Villakuyaya is an Ecuadorian Company that produces organic chocolate bars with 85% and 65% of Fine Cacao Aroma, combined with natural spices such as ginger, honey and pink salt; and organic coffee, chai tea and earl grey lavender.

 Villakuyaya bars are produced under quality standards from the collection of the best cacao seeds in the world "Cacao Fino de Aroma," culminating in the manufacturing of chocolate bars of the same highest quality standard.  Since it is a completely organic product we have obtained USDA, KOSHER, UE ( process) certifications that support the care of our tablets to deliver the best product in the world.

Villakuyaya is the best organic chocolate, with its deep aromas, texture, and a natural sensation on your palate unique with every bite.


65% Organic Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Honey

1 bar of 70 gr