Eau Egyptienne Aromatic Mist

Eau Egyptienne Aromatic Mist

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A fresh aromatic mist with natural aromas of Lotus, Jasmine & Rose

Combining the power of active plant ingredients with unique aromatic concentrates to create captivating, multi-use aromas for body, hair or room. This mist takes you on a sensorial journey to Egypt and uses ingredients based on the ancient Kyphi Fragrance, the first potion created for the Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut.

  • Lotus: has an incredibly soothing aroma
  • Rose: encourages emotional balance
  • Mint: has a stimulating and fresh scent
  • Papyrus: has a woodsy and earthy aroma
  • Jasmine: has a subtle, warm and sensual scent

    Size:  3.4 Oz