Cinq Mondes-Eye Contour Ointment

Cinq Mondes-Eye Contour Ointment

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Inspired by a traditional beauty ritual of Chinese empress Wu Zetain, this remarkable formula contains the power of 7 plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine resulting in rested and protected eye contours. 


  • Avena Sativa®: 100% natural “skin tensor” that is obtained from organically grown Chinese oats. It produces an immediate, visible tightening effect.
  • Caffeine: known for its draining and de-puffing action, it stimulates circulation
  • Imperata Cylindrica®: derived from a tall grass from South East Asia, is provides 24-hour moisture to prevent dehydration lines.
  • 7 Chinese plants: Angelica, Sesame, Bergamot, Sophora Japonica, Ginseng, Lotus and Jasmine.

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